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The Staff

Mrs C Turnbull - Head
Mr A Moore - Deputy Head, Head of French & Classics
Mrs A Heath-Taylor - Deputy Head (responsible for Pre-Prep), Head of PSHCE
Miss S Glaves - Director of Studies, Head of English (mat leave from Sep 19)
Mrs N Mendoza - Acting Director of Studies, Head of Staff Development, Head of Spanish, Form Teacher 6M
Mr N Williams - Head of Communications, Head of Whole School & Academic ICT
Mrs C MacDonald - Head of Pastoral Care, Head of Science
Mrs K Reynolds - Head of Pupil Progress, Acting Head of KS2 Maths and English

Mrs A Battley - Pre-Prep School Secretary
Mr S Beever - Form Teacher 8B, Head of KS3 Maths
Mrs J Bingham -Pre-Prep French and Learning Support Teacher
Mrs R Cocks - KS2 French Teacher
Mr J Creal - Form Teacher 6C, Housemaster of York (Prep)
Ms J Darch - Head of DT
Mr Z Dias - General Assistant
Mr S Divers - Director of Sport, Housemaster of Tudor (Prep)
Mr N Dwyer - Form Teacher 5D, PE Teacher
Mrs C Edmonds - Teaching Assistant (Pre-Prep)
Mrs N Edwards - Form Teacher 4E, Year 4 Co-ordinator, KS2 RE
Mrs I Fenton - Form Teacher 5F, Classics & VR Teacher, School Magazine Editor
Mrs S Ford - Director of Music
Mrs C Geary - Head’s PA
Mr M Gee - Sports Apprentice
Mr T Gill - Form Teacher 4G, Year 6 English Teacher
Ms T Hatton - Form Teacher 3H, Year 3 Co-ordinator
Mrs J Hills - Form Teacher 2J, Housemistress of Tudor (Pre-Prep)
Mr C Hellier - Playground Supervisor
Mrs S Holliday - Form Teacher 1H
Mrs D Hood - Form Teacher 1H, Housemistress of York (Pre-Prep)
Miss S Hough - Form Teacher 3S
Mrs P Hutchings - School Secretary & Clubs Co-ordinator
Mrs T Irving - Teaching Assistant (Pre-Prep)
Mr S Jones - Form Teacher 4J
Mrs A Key - Form Teacher Shell K
Miss C Kirk - Head of Geography & RE, Head of M, A, G & T
Mrs K Kinder - Admissions & Marketing Secretary
Mrs H Kirkpatrick - Teaching Assistant (Pre-Prep)
Ms S Kuiper - Form Teacher 3K
Mrs S Lanson de Breuille - KS2 French Teacher, Head of KS2 Drama
Mr S Loubser - English Teacher (Year 8)
Ms V Lucas-Haynes - Head of Art
Mr L Lynch - Form Teacher 5L, KS2 DT Teacher, Housemaster of Windsor (Prep)
Mr J Lysaght - Sport Apprentice
Mrs D MacConnol - Learning Support Assistant, Part-time Pre-Prep Secretary
Mrs C Millar - Learning Support Assistant
Mr C Mills - Assistant Teacher
Mrs P Peters - Prep School and Music Secretary
Mrs J Petersen - Form Teacher Shell P, EYFS Coordinator
Mrs K Poyser-Jones - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs G Reukers - Form Teacher 4R, KS2 English Teacher (mat cover)
Mr J Roberts - Site Manager
Mrs N Sadler - Teaching Assistant (Pre-Prep)
Mr C Saville - Form Teacher 6S, Head of Academic PE
Mrs J Scott - ICT Technician
Mrs R Self - Form Teacher 1S
Mrs A Smith - Teaching Assistant (Pre-Prep)
Mrs L Sousa - Form Teacher 2H (cover)
Miss L Stafford-Brown - ICT Technician
Mrs S Sweetland - Nursery Leader, Housemistress of Windsor
Mrs E Threlfall - After School Care Supervisor
Mrs L Throssell - Teaching Assistant (Pre-Prep), Housemistress of Lancaster (Pre-Prep)
Mrs P Tucknott - Form Teacher 6T, Head of History, Housemistress  of Lancaster (Prep)
Mrs E Welland - Teaching Assistant (Pre-Prep)
Miss L Wilson - Head of Learning Support

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We would be delighted to send you a brochure. Just complete the form below and Mrs Kinder will contact you to complete the enquiry.

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