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The Nursery and Reception (Shell)

In the Nursery and Reception (Shell) we aim to provide an environment which is positive, enabling, inclusive and safe.  We have use of all the school’s facilities including the field, outside play areas, Hall and Dining room. The curriculum is well planned, broad and balanced to ensure that every boy can access and progress through the seven areas of Learning and development. We work alongside the parents to ensure a coherent learning experience for each boy.

Our boys show high levels of independence, curiosity, imagination and concentration. They are enthusiastic about coming to school and enjoy the well-organised educational programmes organised to reflect all their rich, varied and imaginative needs. They thrive in the opportunities provided to develop across all the seven areas of learning, including role play, sensory activities, physical programmes in the hall or playground, sand and water play and mark making with pencils or brushes. We undertake several trips throughout the year and welcome many visitors to the setting, including parents, school nurse, police, fire and ambulance services all of whom share their knowledge and expertise with the boys. From Shell upwards, all the boys receive French and games as a specialist lesson.

We aim to provide a happy, caring, safe and disciplined environment for the pupils and provide a range of stimulating activities and equipment to enable each child, where appropriate, to learn through first-hand experience.

We recognise that young pupils display many characteristics which are special and unique.  They are usually boisterous, noisy, egocentric, lively, inquisitive and curious about the world around them.  Their attention span is short but varies depending upon moods and interests.  They like their learning to be active and respond well to a hands-on pro-active approach. 

The Learning

The curriculum in the Nursery and Shell Classes is based upon the seven areas of Learning and Development which are contained in The Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.

The Prime areas are:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

The specific areas are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

ege54During the reception year all pupils are assessed by the Shell Class staff in accordance with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.

We ensure all children make progress in their learning and development, assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. Each boy progresses at his own individual rate. In our last Foundation Stage  Profile results, all of our boys reached a ‘Good Level Development’ in all areas. The Nursery is staffed by a full time nursery leader (key person)  and an assistant.  The Nursery is open five days a week from 8.15 am until 4.00 pm term time only.  Breakfast Club and After School Care are available through a booking system.  All of the boys enjoy a cooked lunch in the Prep Department dining hall.  Although parents pay for a full 5 days provision the Nursery staff are flexible in the number of hours a boy attends outside of the core hours of 9am and 2 pm

The two Shell (reception) classes are each staffed by a class teacher, (key person) and a classroom assistant employed for all of the school day.  We can accommodate up to 32 pupils in the Shell Classes all of whom attend on a full time basis. The school day is from 8.35 am until 3.20 pm with a cooked lunch being served in the Prep Department dining hall.  A late class operates from 3.20 pm until 4.00 pm and is staffed by appropriate staff and number ratios. 


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We would be delighted to send you a brochure. Just complete the form below and Mrs Kinder will contact you to complete the enquiry.

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