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Our PSHCE aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes the physical, moral, social, spiritual and cultural development of our pupils. Central to all we do at Lanesborough is the belief that the education provided by the school is not just about the gaining of knowledge and skills, but that it is also about the personal development of each boy, in its fullest sense. We ensure that an adequate foundation of experience and knowledge, with opportunities for discussion, reflection and evaluation, is provided, so that boys can be given maximum scope to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural dimensions.

The concept of development is closely related to the notions of growth and maturing; it does not happen without due care. Whilst the role of the school is of some importance in the development of these values, it should not be seen in isolation. The role of parents and the wider family, in some cases the involvement in a particular religious faith and in all cases involvement with society at large, will contribute in a variety of ways, to our boys’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Our programme  of study complements the school’s ethos  and whole school ‘Values’ system by focusing on topics which will help our boys become responsible citizens, take steps to avoid and resist racism and also have the confidence to take risks and cope with adversity. It is a timetabled subject from Year 1 to Year 6, with common themes every half-term and lessons mainly delivered by form teachers or subject specialists. Through work in lesson times and a range of activities across and beyond the curriculum, boys gain practical knowledge and skills to help them live healthy and responsible lives. National themes such as Anti-Bullying Week are incorporated, as well as other notable events such as Fair trade Fortnight and International Women's Day. Visiting speakers deal with topics including; E-Safety and Sex and Relationships.  Our Year 6 boys look forward to the Guildford Flames ice hockey players leading a workshop on the dangers of drugs. Through our assemblies, curriculum lessons, extra-curricular enrichment, and Religious Education, our PSHCE aims to enable boys:

  • to learn about the country they live in and gain a broad general knowledge of public institutions and services in England
  • to have a healthy respect for the law, to distinguish from right and wrong and respect civil and criminal law
  • to be tolerant individuals who respect and appreciate their own and other cultures and appreciate cultural diversity in a way that promotes tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions, and to avoid and resist racism
  • to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and show initiative
  • to challenge wrong doing
  • to become involved in their community and to be effective, confident and positive contributors to the local community and wider society
  • to respect the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
  • to develop confidence and responsibility and make the most of their abilities
  • to develop a healthy and safe lifestyle
  • to learn how to cope with their changing bodies and feelings
  • to develop good relationships and understand how these can affect their health and well-being

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We would be delighted to send you a brochure. Just complete the form below and Mrs Kinder will contact you to complete the enquiry.

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