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Lanesborough boys love mathematics! They are excited by learning and investigating and this is evident in their love of mathematics. We follow the requirements of the National Curriculum and are generally working beyond the expected levels. Mathematics is taught daily and is reinforced by deliberate practice through a carefully planned programme of study at school and regular homework.  Strong mental strategies are developed in order to support formal written methods. Times tables and mental strategies are taught and regularly revised. The recent addition of TTRockstars as an online resource has delighted the boys and the competitive spirit has led to some wonderful battles and progress! Learning happens through concrete materials and pictorial representations. Boys are taught to use both jottings and formal written methods to support their understanding. They develop fluency in methods and apply this with increasing confidence to their reasoning and problem solving, using their learning habits in the process.

Mathematics is taught in sets from Year 4 although these are constantly reviewed, and decisions are made to suit the boys.  Termly assessments are used to identify targets and revision topics. Mathematics at Lanesborough is engaging and practical with boys transferring their skills to other subjects. Lessons move outside if appropriate and puzzles and games are used regularly to enhance the learning process. We participate in national mathematics competitions annually and take teams to local schools for competitions. Last year, we participated for the first time in the Mathematical Stories Competition and a Year 6 boy was commended for his story explaining negative numbers. When appropriate, we participate in visits related to the mathematics curriculum and the recent Year 5 Metro Bank project has related school learning to real life situations. Year 7 and 8 visited Bletchley Park to support their mathematics, coding and history curricula. Lunch time clubs are run  for those boys who wish to engage in some revision before entrance examinations and Common Entrance and also for those that wish to extend their mathematical thinking beyond lessons. Mathematics is not just for the 12 days of Christmas, mathematics is for life!




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We would be delighted to send you a brochure. Just complete the form below and Mrs Kinder will contact you to complete the enquiry.

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