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LPA Form Representatives

Form Representatives are a vital part of the school network, arranging social & fundraising events for parents and boys, and helping the LPA to generate enthusiasm for school events throughout the year. Each class, from Nursery to Year 8 has one or two Reps, for a 2 year term. All Form Reps are members of the LPA Committee, which meets twice a term.  If you are a joint rep, only one need attend and vote at committee meetings. 

The support from Form Reps is absolutely vital when it comes to organising the main events.  They are usually the point of contact for much of the organisation of our events and we really could not manage without them!

Form Reps are responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating social get-togethers to help build closer relationships between families, eg.termly coffee mornings.
  • Welcoming and helping new parents and boys to integrate into the school community
  • Supporting and promoting LPA events
  • Building a relationship with the form teacher to enhance communication
  • Liaising with other Form Reps within year groups to enhance communication

How you can help your Form Rep:

Form reps have volunteered their time and energy to ensure that everyone gets the very best out of their time at Lanesborough.  Please support them by:

  • Providing up to date contact information
  • Where possible, attend class or year group social events 
  • Volunteering when rotas are produced for major LPA events eg Easter bazaar

Form Reps are NOT responsible for:

  • Dealing with parent concerns. These should be addressed directly to the school/teacher.
  • School policy issues
  • Educational issues
  • Managing lost property

As a Form Rep, you are free to organise your parental group as you wish.  Every form is different depending on size and how involved parents wish to become.

Most people thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to become a Form rep, integrating with other parents and boys from different levels within the school, and from participation in the LPA. It is also an excellent way to make new friends and learn more about the workings of the school.
The LPA and the school are extremely grateful to all Form Representatives for their amazing hard work.

If you wish to find out more about becoming a Form Rep, please email the Chair or Vice Chair.



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We would be delighted to send you a brochure. Just complete the form below and Mrs Kinder will contact you to complete the enquiry.

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