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ISI Inspection

Lanesborough were inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in December 2010. Below is a message from our Head, Mrs Clare Turnbull, shortly after our successful report. The inspection report can be found at the bottom of this page.

Dear Parents

It is with great delight that I attach our Inspection Report.  It is glowing and reflects all the hard work and dedication of the staff, boys and you to make Lanesborough into the community that it is.

The ISI inspection is quite rigorous – three Inspectors came in for an initial two day visit in which they checked all the policies and regulatory requirements, as well as assessing EYFS and starting to make judgements about our teaching and learning.  A month later the same main Inspector returned with two new colleagues.  During the Inspection staff, pupils and parents were spoken to as well as numerous lessons being watched and work examined.

In their reports ISI use slightly different terms to the well documented Ofsted ones:  outstanding, excellent and highly effective are all words used to describe the top grade possible.  You will see from our report that they have had to use all three over and over again.  There are four sections to the EYFS report – all were judged to be outstanding.  There are nine in the KS1 – 3 section – seven of which were judged to be outstanding and two very good.  This is a wonderful ‘set of results’ and, if you have time, do compare our report to those of other schools – it really is very unusual to get so many top grades.  This was pointed out to us, loud and clear, by the main Inspector as he gave his feedback.

To give you some highlights:

‘Pupils’ achievement is outstanding in their academic subjects and activities.  Results in national tests are far above the national average for maintained primary schools…they are highly effectiveand competent learners and have excellent attitudes to their learning.  Overall the curriculum is rich and interesting and closely linked to the school’s aims… A wide range of high quality extra-curricular activities is provided…the pupils’ success is promoted by the strong teaching and their excellent attitudes to learning…the pupils’ personal development is outstandingly well developed and fostered by the school’s positive ethos…relationships between pupil and teachers are excellent.  Pastoral care is excellent and enables pupils to have a happy and successful educational experience…’

As always, we are constantly looking at ways to improve.  It was interesting that the Inspectors could not find anything that was not already on our development plan!  We are currently implementing a new, more detailed, policy for those boys with English as an additional language and they have encouraged us to continue with our implementation process.  We are undertaking one of our regular curriculum reviews - this year in KS1 – looking at developing even more opportunities for challenge and they agreed with us.  We have also been looking at different options for our boys in Nursery so that they can enjoy the outside space – even when it is raining. Again, they thought that this was an excellent action point.  We are thrilled that they support our views of what we want to do to continue the development of the school.

At this point I would like to thank the fabulous staff at Lanesborough for all their hard work, dedication and determination to work as a team towards the common goal of giving your boys the best possible education – they really are wonderful!

The boys were so supportive of the process – they raised their game, coming straight back from three days off because of the snow, straight into observed lessons – thank you.  Finally – to the parents; thank you for your support throughout the years, your positive comments in the questionnaires and for trusting us with your son’s education.  I hope that you are also very proud of this report.

Best wishes

Mrs Clare Turnbull

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