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Art and Design

The Art department at Lanesborough aims to be an exciting, visually stimulating and structured environmen t in which pupils feel comfortable to be creative, to experiment with materials and to express their ideas visually. All pupils are encouraged to aim high – for distinctness and uniqueness.

All boys have a sketchbook in which they keep all their work on a particular project and in the back of which they can do their own drawing.

During their time at Lanesborough, boys will have the opportunity to work with as wide a variety of techniques and materials as possible; from drawing and painting to ceramics, sculpture and textiles. Project outcomes will be either 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional and sometimes both. All projects begin with drawing – both observational and from images – and looking at the work of other artists. Boys are encouraged to comment on and have an opinion about artists’ work. A project continues through to the development of ideas and the production of a final piece.

This is in line with GCSE Assessment Objectives and means that when a boy leaves Lanesborough, he is equipped with the necessary skills and fully prepared for Art in his chosen Secondary school.

 The following formal elements will be covered by all year groups in two or three dimensions:

  • Line
  • Tone
  • Space
  • Design
  • Colour, Pattern and Decoration
  • Shape, Form and Function
  • Application of paint or glaze

Over the four to six years that boys are at Lanesborough, projects will:

  • Stimulate pupil imagination and creativity.
  • Provide visual and tactile experiences.
  • Develop pupils’ understanding of the formal elements.
  • Develop pupils’ ability to use materials and processes to communicate their ideas and feelings.
  • Enable pupils’ understanding of artists’ work from both a visual and cultural viewpoint.
  • Support and guide pupils in making thoughtful and aesthetic judgements.

 Personal development of ideas is keenly encouraged. The theme or title of the project might be universal but pupils are persuaded to develop their own ideas and creativity through the handling of materials. This experience is vital in order to develop full aesthetic responses to a variety of media and visual stimuli. It is at this ‘ideas development’ stage in each project that boys are inspired to really push their ideas and expand them in order to produce the best work they can.

All boys from Year 3-6 have a double lesson (1 hour 20 minutes) every week. There are opportunities, in the form of Junior Artists' Group and a Drop-in session for seniors, for boys to experiment with materials outside of their class work.

 There are six Saturday workshops per year for Art Scholars to produce a wider body of work under the tutelage of Ian Shearman. This is to stretch the most able, and boys may wish to use their work to create a portfolio for application for scholarship. Projects range from drawing, printing, ceramics and sculpture and painting. It allows boys to have a sustained period of time to produce pieces of work and is absolutely invaluable.

Every year group has the opportunity of an Art trip which are currently as follows:

Year 3: British Museum to look at ancient Egyptian Art and artefacts and take part in a 'Coding the Rosetta Stone' workshop. (December 3rd 2018)

Year 4: Box Hill to investigate the work of Andy Goldsworthy and build den-like structures. (May 2019 tbc)

Year 5: Design Museum, Kensington to take part in a 3D digital printing workshop. (March 2019 tbc)

Year 6: Ditchling Museum, Sussex to take part in a 'Weaving the South Downs' workshop. (March 19th 2019)

Mrs V. Haynes

Head of Art



















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