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Michaelmas Term Commendations

There are many examples of fantastic work happening on a daily basis at Lanesborough.  Examples of exceptional work get awarded a commendation certficate.  Each week, the commendations that have been given to pupils from staff are put in the weekly newsletter.  Here are the latest additions.

Week 11

H Amiss Drama, English
R Attwood Mathematics
L Carraretto Science
H Chana English
O de Gentile-Williams Religious Education
C Downey French
L Duggan Science
H Forster Drama
J Fulcher Religious Education
J Hay English
W Lacey Science
J Lightman Drama
J O'Conor Drama
J Paterson Drama
H Petersen English
T Postance Latin, Mathematics
L Pressley French, English
S Rather Religious Education
L Read Drama
J Schellekens Music
A Secrett Drama
A Stenning Science
A Taylor Drama
M Turner English

Week 10

F Adams English
F Ali French, Religious Education
T Anley English
H Bishop French
J Burch French
H Carson English
H Caulton English
L Coulson English, Bronze
E Cundy Science
J Curtis English
J Czarnek Latin
O Dargan French
L Duggan Geography, Latin
C Eisinger French
M Fitchie English, Mathematics, Science
T Fitchie Silver
H Fleming English
O Frizzell English
R Greenwood English
T Hammond English
F Hay French, Bronze
B Hienkens-Lewis English
E Hilton English, Hilton
C Locke English
R Mackay English, French
J McGillivray Bronze
G Meadowcroft French, English, History
J Millar Good Behavior
T Millar French
R Murphy English, History
L Oxley Good Behavior
T Oxley English, History
L Read Mathematics
J Reid Latin 
C Robertshaw Mathematics
J Rowley Religious Education
A Safiullah English, English
W Turnbull French
O Turner English

Week 9

R Attwood English
Z Baloch Latin
O Billingham Mathematics
C Bishop French
H Brookes English
H Bush English, Science
A Crouch Mathematics
J Dewar Latin, French
T Fitchie Latin
I Game English
Y Gandhi Latin
O Godkin Science
F Gosling French
A Hafiz English
J Hilton Science
S Kerr English
J Lewis Music
J McGillivray Religious Education
A McKenzie Latin
D Moore Music
E Osborough French
H Petersen Music
J Phillips Latin
S Rivers Religious Education
D Toulson Latin, French
M Turner Latin, Bronze

Week 8

R Attwood Geography
S Bjelica English
M Borissow Geography
C Eisinger Mathematics, Bronze
O Frizzell English
O King Science
I Rabheru Geography
S Rather Geography
B Vary Religious Education
D Yalcinkaya English
G Haymes Remembrance Day Music
L Coulson Remembrance Day Music
N Campbell Remembrance Day Music

Week 7 Commendations

C Baxter English
L Carraretto English
J Caulton English
Y Gandhi Religious Education
J Hay English
R Hopkins Music
J McGillivray French
S Rather Music
D Sorensen English
D Ward English
D West Mathematics
J Williams Music
Week 6 Commendations
B Alderman English
O Black Geograhy
A Brook English
C Buchanan-Robinson English
O de Gentile-Williams French
J Dean English
C Eisinger French
Y Gandhi English, Science
B Hienkens-Lewis Good Behaviour 
C Maclenan English
C Thilakawardana Science
D Timberlake Art
R Timberlake Art
M Turner English
A Verma English
Week 5 Commendations
A Das English
J Gallagher Brown English
F Hay English
T Millar French
H Petersen Religious Education
R Timberlake Geography
W Turnbull French
A Bonner Geography
H Greenwood French
M Hussain English
H Readhead Science
H Readhead French
J Rowley English
R Wilson Geography
Week 4 Commendations
J Aberdour Geography, Bronze
O Dargan Geography 
O de Gentile-Williams English
T Fitchie English
J Williams English
F Ali Science
Week 3 Commendations
F Andrews Science
J Hilton Art, Science
T Millar French
O Morgan Religious Education 
Week 2 Commendations
A Crookenden   English
O de Gentile--Williams Religious Education
O Morgan English
S Rivers French
M Ryan English
M Ryan English


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