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Year 8 Lightbox Trip

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What would you do if you saw a ping pong table in an art gallery? Look at the projections on it carefully or have a go and see what happened? On Wednesday the 10th of September 2014 year 8 went to the Lightbox art gallery to see the giant  electronic art show. This is exactly what we could do there; play on a ping pong table through to drawing on an etch-a-sketch. The fun fair atmosphere, mixed with electronic and mechanical artworks, meant this was not like a normal exhibition but felt like a big top filled with fun activities.

The gallery was filled with interactive works of art. One was a remote controlled car that drew lines according to the direction or pattern it was being driven in. You could see lines going everywhere to the sides, where many people had clearly crashed. My favourite installation was the “giant bottle organ”. You pushed down the keys and a string pulled the bag of air onto a pipe. This blew air at the correct angle into bottles producing a different note for each one.

The overall favourite of the year-group was the most interactive.  This was a funfair themed item where two people at the exact same time had to hit a pad with a foam mallet when the “ball” or electronic light came to a certain place. Most of us could have spent hours playing just on this. The exhibition also had a 3D printer and its printed items along with many other marvellous works.

Next we had a chance to take part in a workshop, in which we made artworks based on some of the exhibits and installations. We created a spiral of colour by rotating in circles on A3 pieces of paper stuck together. This was fun, if challenging, as we had to lie on our stomachs with our feet up and propel ourselves round with our knees! After this we cut cardboard into shapes and wrapped wool around it to create coloured prints with paint rollers and printing ink. Some of the patterns were colourful and crazy. Finally we stuck tacks into foam board in patterns and then wrapped wool around it which is very striking and effective. All of the things we made in the workshop were examples of things you can do with everyday household objects.

Electronic art is a new genre and so the trip helped us with our art studies. It was also important for us to experience art as an audience as this is one of the requirements for the Bronze Arts Award - a new venture involving all of year 8.

Overall the trip was a fantastic experience and enjoyed by all. Thank you to Mrs Haynes, Ms Darch and Mrs Payne for giving us this great opportunity.

James P8S


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