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Bay of Naples 2014

Lanesborough Latin/Geography Tour to the Bay of Naples

Who would want to come to school on the first morning of the holidays? Answer: 28 boys and 3 members of staff who met outside the science lab doors for Mr Padmore’s first and fabulous classics and geography trip to the bay of Naples.  Here are just some of the best bits:

1 Mount Vesuvius:

On our first day of exploring the bay we visited Vesuvius, the volcano that erupted, burying Pompeii, Herculaneum and other places that we visited on this trip. We climbed right up Vesuvius and even looked down into the crater but, never fear, we were in no danger as it is constantly monitored. The experts would know of any eruption days before it could occur, and there are evacuation plans in place for all the local population.

2 Luciano the guide:

Luciano was our guide round Pompeii, Herculaneum and the sulphur fields. Luciano had such charisma. He inspired us and made us even more interested in our surroundings. He was also very funny. He snuck in jokes about how awful it was that the Italian state could not pay the guards to open parts of the museum in Naples which contains many of the original statues and artefacts. Nevertheless he managed to make us feel excited about the classical world even without being able to actually travel all that way back in time.

3 Amalfi and Sorrento:

On two days of the trip we were able to explore and shop in a big town while following Mrs Holden’s instructions to “look for geographical features of tourism”. This was great and we were all able to buy souvenirs and gifts. In my group, in Sorrento we all bought hats, including Madame Lanson!

4 The sulphur fields:

The sulphur fields are inside another volcano – this time, a super volcano like Yellowstone in the US. The sulphur comes up from within the volcano and it stinks! The sulphur fields contain two places where you can try and endure both the heat and smell, otherwise called Purgatory and Hell. I am glad to report that many of us managed to survive both!

5 Gatwick airport:

Although this may not sound that incredible, this was perhaps the funniest moment of the trip for me: Mr. Padmore had to run miles around the airport seeking the mythical “Coach Marshal” so we could leave. The Deer of Artemis would have been easier to locate! Ask Mr Padmore for his stunning voice impression to go with this story!

Over the course of the trip we climbed up a volcano, into a crater and through sulphur and visited many great archaeological sites. We also, of course, bought ice-cream.

Of course none of these amazing things could have happened if Mr Padmore had not organised the trip so well, with Mrs Holden and Madame Lanson playing the vital roles of tour guides, first aiders and bankers.  Thanks to all of them, we all had a great time and would recommend this trip to anyone!               

James P 8S


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