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Year 6 Trip to Hendon 2015

Year 6 visited RAF Hendon in 2015.

After a trip to RAF Hendon to further their studies in History on World War 2, the boys in 5W were given the task to write about their trip in any chosen writing style they had studied during the year.  

War planes from World War 1 and 2, landed
Respectfully displayed in the immense hangar.
Mechanical comparisons to countless war time heroes.

Giant metallic planes towering like skyscrapers,
Large domed glass,
Awesome, canopied windows in history,
Extraordinary engineering, enormous, armoured,
War-weary planes.

The cluttered cockpits,
Complicated instrument panels, switches and buttons.
Sometimes a radio station,
An aviator's last words or victorious transmission.

Brave, ordinary men,
Commanding their courageous Spitfires,
Stealthy Lightenings, mighty Lancasters.
Single seater Hurricanes,
Honourable, lonely heroes in the Battle of Britain.

Finn A


Spitfires Forever

I am a spitfire, who loves to fly,
I go on trips through the sky,
And fight for England,
With all my might,
So that I never lose a fight.

I had a pilot, who loved to sing,
A song to bring luck to airborne wings.
My pilot adored me, and I loved him too,
The battles we were in together,
Will be with us forever.

One starry night I was flying through the air,
When my pilot and I had a massive scare,
I saw from the east, a sight to behold
A swarm of bombers, nasty bombers,
That made us cold.

We fought for our lives,
And for our country too,
We came home victorious,
But lost a previous few.
Friends forever we will always stay,
Spitfires strength, will win the day.


Ollie D


Recount of RAF Hendon

The trip to RAF Hendon was one of the best experiences that the Lanesborough Year 5 boys have enjoyed.

Although the day began with an early start, that was all forgotten within minutes of arriving at Hendon, when our guide really brought us into the piloting world of World War 2.

The stand out plane of the entire exhibition was the colossal and imposing Lancaster bomber!  Compared to all the other planes I saw, the Lancaster appeared to be much more robust and sophisticated.  Its sophistication was most obvious to me in the array of buttons, levers and pedals that it took to fly the Lancaster.  The combination of the huge wingspan and the dark brooding black colour, gave the plane its power and must have been a terrifying sight to the any enemy.

As part of the visit we had the chance to experience what it was like to be two different people in World War 2.  The first of these for me was being an Air Gunner.  I was given uniform of an Air Gunman, and my immediate thought was how hot and uncomfortable it must have been to wear one of these whilst trying to shoot down the enemy.  My second experience was being a child in World War 2 during a gas attack.  Just as the children would have done in World War 2, we made boxes to store and carry our gas masks.  What we didn't know was that a siren was about to sound!  It must have been petrifying for the children of World War 2, to know that they only had twenty seconds to put on their gas masks and run to an Anderson shelter in order to stay alive.

Our day at Hendon came to a close with a short visit to the gift shop before boarding the coach.  It was an absorbing and entertaining school trip.

Freddie H


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