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Water Sports Trip 2019

The boys have been looking forward to this trip all year. What a great way to spend a week of your summer!

Day 01

After an early start in the morning, we set off for Marseille. Following our flight, we waited for a while for the coach to arrive at the airport. We were all expecting a 2-hour journey to Mimosa but the sat-nav began to go up in the time of arrival due to a big crash on the motorway. Finally, after the three-hour journey, we arrived and ate pizza, chips, and salad for dinner. Then we went to a disco where we played cards and had lots of fun.  

The next day we had an early start so we could go sailing which was very good fun but very wet. After a quick lunch, we got on the coach to go snorkeling. Unfortunately, it felt like the coldest sea ever! After a nice shower and dinner, we played the cube for our evening entertainment. Then we went to another disco and enjoyed the evening.

A selection of photos can be found on our gallery page for the trip.

Callum M, Findlay M

Day 2 

The morning entailed a sudden awakening by Mr Beever yelling “wake up!” several times. After a large breakfast, we collected our bags and rushed off to the beach. At first, I was unsure about the sailing, after yesterday’s (let’s face it) morning of Poseidon destroying our “fun” boat, but it turned out to be a nice, easy, gentle ride. I was at the stern, controlling the rudder, which was a challenging task requiring both strength and skill. 

After the energizing lunch we all headed back to the beach with our equipment for the more activities. We split into four groups. Half of us did kayaking first and the other half rode the banana boat. Luckily the wind wasn’t as bad as yesterday. The kayaking ended up being quite relaxing and fun as we did many games in our kayaks. The banana boat made my day. We sat on the inflatable ride bare-foot pulled by the powerboat.  

Then we had a very enjoyable meal (dinner). We then showered, played cards and then we went to an amusing disco where we partied all night. 

Thomas A and James F 

Day 3 

Today we slept in until 8:30 as we were all tired. We quickly left camp, after eating breakfast and left for Aqualand. We went on an enthralling coach ride and Mr Beever continued to teach us how to play card games.  

Once we arrived we rapidly raced to the WAVE (a giant yellow skate ramp). One of our favourites was the giraffe ride, with a seemingly anti-climactic beginning to a speedy, near-vertical, race to the bottom. Another one of our favourites was the head first steep ramp on a type of foam sled. We then had an ant-infested picnic before going back on some more of the same slides. 

We arrived at our new camp. We have actual rooms this time! We had another delicious dinner before going into the pool. There we played many underwater games like the classic underwater coconut crack. We went to an enjoyable disco in the evening where we had fun with our friends. 

By Magnus B and Oscar T 

A selection of photos can be found on our gallery page for the trip.

Day 4 

The day started off with another annoying wakeup call from the teachers. After dragging ourselves out of bed, we went direct to breakfast, where we stuffed ourselves with pain au chocolate. Then we split off into three groups, this is when we were taught how to go forward, backward, pull in and push away in a canoe. We were then forced to go to a stage where the instructors poured water over us during an Ardeche presentation. They also said that if we called a chant multiple times after one of the instructors' names, they would drench that instructor with jugs of water.  

Now it was time to do the canoeing down the Ardeche. Pod one went first and the other two followed eagerly behind. The best part by far was the third rapid as it was full of turns and was very fun. We were also lucky enough to be able to jump off a two-metre rock into the freezing water below. We then had multiple hilarious river games, such as all trying to fit into one canoeing and being spun around. It was only then a short descent until we sadly had to get off and take a coach back to our camp. 

We had so much fun at the disco and evening entertainment that night. 

L. Carraretto and T Norton 

A selection of photos can be found on our gallery page for the trip.

Day 5 

After waking up very early at 7:35 we trudged along to breakfast all half asleep, after our massive breakfast we left on the coach to a different PGL site to do a variety of activities. Firstly, we had archery in which we learned about the different parts of the bow as well as playing a game called “Shrek and Donkey” in which we had to hit different parts of the target starting with Shrek’s home and ending up in the castle to rescue Fiona. Mr Lynch was the only person to managed to complete the challenge.

After we had our archery session our group went to the vertical playpen were we had to climb up two tall swinging totem poles, a massive net as well as a knotted rope in order to reach the goal by ringing the bell; if you weren’t climbing you had to belay the people who were climbing up be pulling in and letting out the rope that was holding them up.

Once we had finished climbing, we went off to eat lunch as well as drink a massive amount of hot chocolate which was all fully saturated with sugar. On top for that the teachers bought us ice lollies.

Next, we all worked together to build a raft which ended up (obviously) falling apart within moments of touching the water. We then played water games which included a new take on the extreme washing machine game that we had played earlier in the week in which we would all try to jump over a rolling barrel. 

Finally, we went paddle boarding which was an extremely enjoyable experience which as well as paddle boarding included many jousting matches as well as jumping on each other’s boards in order to capsize them. We saw two river snakes that were apparently not poisonous.

This fantastic day ended with many of us going for a refreshing swim in the pool followed by a large dinner of sausages, chips and beans before going off for a well-deserved sleep after the disco of course.

A. Gillan 

A selection of photos can be found on our gallery page for the trip.


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