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Karting Success and High Hopes for Arvid

In our second feature, looking at some of the fantastic achievements some of our boys experience, we take a closer look at Arvid and share some of his successes in the karting world during 2016.

Arvid L has a special talent.  In his time away from his studies, he applies himself in the motorsport arena of karting.

2016 has been an excellent year for Arvid. He has become the 12th ranked driver overall in the British Karting Championships (IAME 8 to 13-year-olds) in his first ever year racing at this National Level, reaching new heights and outperforming many of his older peers.  He has become the youngest driver in history to make a pole position in time qualification, and also to win his first heat in the British Championships.

While 2016 has been his most successful season to date, it has not been without its challenges.  When the British Championships commenced, he had only just turned eight and recently gained his full karting licence.  Suddenly thrown in at the deep end, Arvid found himself racing against the best drivers in the country, many of whom were four years older, proving to be extremely tough competition.

The sport takes Arvid all over the country.   Although he is based in Surrey, visits up to Scotland, down to Kent and across to Wales are not unusual for him.  Racing, on average, three weekends a month, in a programme that is quite involved, Arvid often finishes late in the afternoon or early evening: “Sometimes on a race weekend, I am very tired if the track is far away from home, as we do not get back until 9-10pm, and then I need to be up at 7 am on Monday morning to go to school.”

During the holidays, Arvid will also run testing sessions as often as his parents can take him.  During December and February this winter, he will be off to Spain for the testing.

Arvid works hard to find the right balance between his dedication towards karting and being successful in the classroom.  Between karting sessions, he attempts to study and complete homework in his van.  “At the end of the day, if I have done my work, I can play” he proudly exclaims with a beaming grin.  Doing well at school is extremely important to Arvid.  He draws inspiration from his motorsport heroes, who he acknowledges were accomplished pupils themselves.  He recalls how Nico Rosberg gained a place to read Engineering at Imperial College, London.

Lanesborough is highly supportive of his endeavours on the track. Many of our school’s programme of Values is reflected in Arvid’s achievements.  He shows respect to all his competitors and has immeasurable enthusiasm for the sport.  He understands how perseverance is fundamental to further success, whilst having the confidence to believe in himself, even when he experiences unavoidable disappointments. Arvid fully appreciates how teamwork has helped him along the way: with a team manager who disseminates important data before and after a session, mechanics who maintain the karts, a driving coach, and not forgetting the help and support of his ever supportive and encouraging family.  “We try to support Arvid as much as possible.  There are many ups and downs but, as a parent, it is important to be there for him,” said his proud Mum, Anita.

Moving forward, Arvid is setting his goals high and is aiming to win the British Championship next season, together with the LCM series.  He wants to be the top-seeded driver in the country for 8 to 13-year-olds.  Surely, with his determination and enthusiasm, he has a strong chance to succeed. We are behind him all the way; all his teachers and friends are looking forward to news of Arvid’s  continued success on the track.


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