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Year 8 Spanish Trip

Day One by Rupert G, Will L, Callum M, Fin M and Luca C

On the 18th of October, Year 8 ventured into the mountains of Spain to the Gredos Centre.

Early, at 7 o’clock, we left Lanesborough excitedly ready for an amazing trip; upon arrival at Heathrow we found to our annoyance that the plane was delayed by half an hour! Which had a good and bad effect, meaning that we could buy more food for the plane!

After boarding the plane, we sat down in our seats and tucked into our food. After two hours (it was a good flight), we touched down. We then met the coach for an hour and a half journey to Avila (the walled city). We walked around the extremely high walls looking over towards the great city in the middle. Later, we saw the Cathedral which had storks nesting on the top in big nests. It looked like there were eggs in there. Sadly, we were not lucky enough to see the birds.

After an hour journey from Avila, we arrived at the Gredos centre. We were very excited to see the accommodation and we were very pleased to find our rooms. After that we went to the dining hall to eat our dinner- finding that we were famished, we then ate our fantastic food including a tasty soup with a range of vegetables called sopa de verduras, followed  by a pizza slice.   With our stomachs finally satisfied, we returned to our beds, eager to get some sleep, for the following day.

Spanish Trip – Day 2 by Safi Baloch, Alex Gillan, Charlie Edwards and Thomas Norton

 We woke up to our first breakfast in Spain and we loved it! With many options to choose from, all of us had what we wanted, and most of us tried delicious churros that were baked for us. After that we learned about the parts of the body in Spanish and we danced to songs using the Spanish words we had learnt. Once we had finished the workout, we split into groups to do either archery or Spanish cooking, where we made Tortillas. We also designed a T-shirt, with designs varying from pictures of objects or even the Adidas sign. In archery, we had a competition between the Aguacates (the avocados) and the Pescadas (the fish), with the Pescadas winning by 20 points.

 Afterwards, we went by minibus to go and complete the town trail, we were given a map of the town and had to proceed to various points and complete the questions following instructions all in Spanish. A total of two hours was dedicated by all groups to find the points in a race to finish first, with everyone persevering and managing to get back to the petrol station, where we first started. After this we went back to our house where we ate a well cooked meal prepared by the chefs and we then went to bed.

Overall, our second day in the trip to Spain was an extremely fun time and everybody enjoyed all the activities (archery, T-shirt painting, cooking and town trail) and the food.


Spanish Trip Day 3 – Ollie Godkin, Oscar Trott, Harry Petersen, Corin Baxter and Magnus Borissow.

On Saturday, we immersed ourselves in Spanish culture. after breakfast, we made our own TV programmes. Four groups were chosen and made: an advert, a game show, a weather forecast and a guide to becoming a ninja. All of it in Spanish! This was followed by a treasure hunt when we ran crazily around the Gredos centre looking for different letters that combined to make a hidden word. For lunch we had paella, an interesting dish, however, the tastes were a little too extravagant for some.

In the afternoon we had a siesta, where everyone sleeps or rests for an hour, this was a favourite for a lot of people, however, we were woken up to go to the multi-adventure park. On the trip to the park, there was a river on the road, and a steep hill which shows the rugged landscape of Spain. Now we all learnt how to use clips to traverse the ropes and there were many zip lines to move quickly.

Afterwards, we interviewed a member of the Gredos Centre, called Noe and we asked her many questions (In Spanish) about her daily routine and life. We found out that she woke up at 9 am had lunch at 2 pm and went to sleep at 1am! We also watched the TV shows we had made, which was a great laugh!

Lastly, we listened to an acapella presented by William Lacey, Findlay MacLenan, Rupert Greenwood, Luca Carraretto and Callum Majithia. It was extremely entertaining and amusing, as they sang their hearts out singing “In the jungle”. Then, we had to all calm down and get ready for bed as we needed lots of sleep for the travelling the next day.


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