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Yehudi Menuhin Masterclass

Three Lanesborough boys attended a masterclass at the Yehudi Menuhin School on Sunday 24 September. Here are their accounts of the day:

The Menuhin School by Joseph
On Sunday last week Robbie, Milo and I went along to an open event at the Yehudi Menuhin School in Cobham. Menuhin was one of the greatest violinists ever and performed as a soloist with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra aged seven! The school here in England looks for children with ‘extreme potential’, children who are most comfortable when performing. We had an aural lesson which was loads of fun and Robbie was absolutely the best at really tricky rhythms and the teacher said so! We had a tour of the school by a girl who is studying for her GCSE. The students do all the normal school subjects but also hours of composition, aural, singing and ensemble practice, as well as the normal practice on their two instruments (normally violin and piano). Some of the students performed a concert in the amazing Menuhin Hall. My favourite was a 9 year old Japanese student who played a really fast violin piece with the most awesome pizzicato. There was also a great guitarist (aged 15) and a spectacular cellist (aged 12) who was almost as good as some of the Lanesborough cellists! Each of the visitors had a lesson during the afternoon and mine was with one of the lead violin teachers. He was very friendly and encouraging and gave me some great tips about bow hold, phrasing and strengthening my fingers! Overall it was really interesting!

The Yehudi Menuhin School by Milo
The Yehudi Menuhin School was great! To start the day off, everyone went in to the hall where we were given a presentation from the Head teacher and Head of Music. After that, I went to have my violin lesson with Anna Zimon and two other children and their parents. I was first to go, got half way through Jurassic Park when the teacher stopped me and said ‘Relax’. She said it about ten times which was really annoying, although the finger exercise helped.
Next was the tour around the school led by a boy and girl, they showed us the kitchen and the music rooms.
We came back and had the aural lesson where we did exercises, including clapping rhythms, singing back phrases and identifying the major and minor chords. I liked it because the teacher was very kind and helpful.
Finally, we went back to the hall and had a concert from five children playing pieces off by heart which was brilliant! My favourite was the nine-year old girl who played the violin.
My favourite part of the day was the aural lesson because it was very useful and will help me a lot in the future.

Masterclass at The Yehudi Menhuin School by Robbie
Visiting The Yehudi Menuhin School last Sunday was an incredible experience!  Firstly, we met the Headmaster who gave us some background information about the origins of the school. An aural class in an amazing music studio followed, then a tour of this unique school. We could hear violins, cellos and pianos playing all around us, seemingly following us around campus. Afterwards, I was lucky enough to have a cello lesson with Ioan Davis. 
I was mesmerized by the beautiful sound of his cello! I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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