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Year 3 Activities Week


Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their first day at spy school! On arrival, they chose their exciting 'special agent' identities before setting off on their first mission -  to navigate their way from the hostel to Holmbury Hill. Along the way, they had to take part in a variety of challenges to demonstrate their newly acquired spy skills. On their return to HQ, they worked in teams to crack some tricky codes and they are now settling down to a hearty meal! Pictures to follow when we are allowed to reconnect to the outside world! Over and out.

Top of Holmbury Hill.


Mission accomplished! The Year 3s have excelled in their role as special agents, sniffing out the double agent - Miss Hough - using their excellent spy skills! They completed their final assignments with flying colours. Cracking another host of difficult codes and, most impressively, building a complex rocket in order to send their secret messages undetected. The newly appointed agents deserved their well-earned certificates and Alex Ryder books. Well done spies!

Rocket workshop.
Cooking marshmallows.

Wednesday - Painshill Park

When asked for five adjectives and feelings words  to describe their day, the boys contributed the following fantastic vocabulary:

  • Invigorating
  • Energising
  • Nature-filled
  • Dehydrated!
  • Calm
  • Adventurous
  • Exhausting!

This is an excellent precis of our day.  On arrival we split into our spy groups from our residential trip and using our geographical skills, set off at great speed and enthusiasm to explore the Park and answer quiz questions, locating strategically placed points.  All this they did within a time frame knowing that they would be penalised for returning even one minute late!  After a quick lunch, we were then led to the meadowland under the crazy tutelage of Adam, the Forester!  He took the boys on a life-cycle of a plant expedition (ask the boys!), built living gardens (involving much water!) and finally, in order to identify the four basic elements of plants.  This involved running around, collecting tokens.  Lots of grabbing, guffawing and giggling all whilst scientific and geographical problem-solving skills! 


Thursday - Roman Day

Today was Roman Day for Year 3 and what a fun packed and exciting day it was! The boys arrived in an impressive and amazing array of costumes; they certainly looked the part and immediately found themselves immersed in the role of a Roman Soldier.

“Titus” from Portals To The Past expertly led us through our day and we were quickly lost in the learning process ; his extensive knowledge excited and educated the boys and adults alike.  We embarked upon numerous activities including the game Delta, a quiz and a workshop which provided the boys with the opportunity to handle original artefacts dating back thousands of years and to learn about their various uses and purposes.

Following on from that, the boys were fascinated to learn about the weapons a soldier would have been expected to carry and were then taken through various drill formations on the field, just as a Roman army would have experienced. To finish the day they walked through Boudicca’s final battle scene against the Romans and finally cooled down with a Rocket ice lolly !

Today has been so inspirational, I would not be at all surprised if some of Year 3 have notions of joining the Roman Army !!

Come classroom based learning.
Preparing for battle.



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