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Year 5 Fable Writing

Year 5 wrote their own fables as part of English this term. They thought carefully about their characters and how to portray them through action, speech and dialogue. During Book Week, they went to read their fables to younger boys who really enjoyed listening to the stories and morals as well as looking at the comic version of each fable made by the boys too.

The Competition of the Sea and the Lightning

One dark, grim day Lightning plunged his muscular arm into the Sea, Sea winced and asked: “why do you have to go around causing death and destruction all the time?”                                                                                                                                                                

“Because I have to show someone how powerful I am!” Boasted Lightning, his smug face had shallow cheeks with sunken eyes. His thin spindly fingers crackled with electricity. Sea however was completely the opposite of Lightning. He had a round, kind face and a smiling mouth. His bright blue eyes seemed to never blink, and they radiated a sort of peace… to some… but Lightning wasn’t one of them. Lightning was constantly bullying Sea, killing his fish, getting his gang of three (him, wind and snow) to freeze him, or make waves out of him, thrashing him against a cliff face, or hailing over him, cutting him and bruising him. It was on one of these thrashings that Sea finally stood up to Lightning.                                                                      

“If you think you’re so powerful then I challenge you to something I bet you’ll lose at!” Shouted Sea, regretting it a moment later.                                                                             

“Oh really mate, so what is this challenge, huh? The one you bet I’ll lose at?” asked Lightning.                      

“It’s hard. Really hard. I challenge you to a cave making contest. See that cliff face over there?” pushed Sea, thinking he was taking it a bit far…                                                                         

“The one I was about to smash you into?” smirked Lightning.   Sea sighed, and then said “Yes. Whoever makes the strongest and biggest cave wins.”         

“It’s settled then. I win, I am the strongest, and if you win, I’m still the strongest?” said Lightning; his dry lips cherished every word.                                                                              

“No!” Sea was getting surprisingly annoyed at Lightning.  “If you win, yes, you are the strongest, but if I win, I am the strongest.”                                                                                                    

“Sounds fair enough. I accept.” Lightning raised his bony hand, and it glowed a bright electric blue, light waltzing over his thin fingers, then there was silence. Silence. Silence. BOOM! A hurricane of burning shrubs and rocks shot like a Concord over both the rivals’ heads as a stream of neon blue lashed out at the cliff face. Sea was showered with rubble and debris as the fantastic bolt rammed the sturdy wall of stone. A gaping set of jaws confronted Sea, Lightning had expertly carved into the cliff face, but as soon as it had begun, it ended. A low roar like an earthquake swept over Sea and Lightning, as a storm of dust and rock leapt at the pair… the cave had collapsed. “NO!” screeched Lightning, “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! IMPOSSIBLE!” Lightning’s anger took over him and he went wild! Bolts fired everywhere, but the cave kept collapsing “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? HOW, HOW, HOW, HOW, HOW? I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO SABOTAGED MY PERFORMANCE!” Sea could not contain his laughter. He burst into a fit of giggles, his sides splitting hand his mouth gasping for much-needed breaths.                                                                                                                  

“Nobody ha ha! sabotaged your ha ha hee! go!” Chuckled Sea, punctuating his sentence with gasps for breath and fits of laughter.                                                                                                  

“It was you, wasn’t it? You wanted my glory! Well you have a go and I’ll watch you fail!” Glared Lightning.                                                                                                                                             

“All right then. Here goes nothing…” Sea took a few steps back and… relaxed. His feet brushed the cliff face and wore away the stone. He left stalactites and stalagmites with pillars to support the roof, and many sculptures within this natural and spectacular cathedral. One especially significant sculpture gave the appearance of a stack of pancakes, with long tendrils of seaweed hanging off. Sea had won. Sea had finally won against Lightning.                                              

“Have you learnt your lesson Lightning?”                                                                                                 

“Humph. Yes I have.” And Lightning wandered off into the night.

By Lucajoe E


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