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Visit to the Houses of Parliament

Written report from Alex D about the exciting trip to the Houses of Parliament.

Houses of Parliament Trip Report

On the 11th January 2016 a very excited Year 7 of Lanesborough School went to Westminster to visit the Houses of Parliament. To get into London we took the 9:41 train from London Road station in Guildford to London Waterloo. We stopped at many stations along the way. Finally we reached London Waterloo station and headed across Waterloo Bridge to where the Houses of Parliament are located, walking in a relatively orderly manner all curiously wondering who we would meet today.

The trip included visiting both the House of Lords and the House of Commons.   So many interesting facts to remember, one of them being that the tower which holds the bell Big Ben is called St Stephen's Tower. The government in power at the time always sit to the right of the Speaker. Interestingly, the public are not allowed to sit on the seats in either of the houses (Commons or Lords). The oldest room in the building is 917 years old whereas all the other rooms are only 160 years old. This was because of a fire which destroyed pretty much all the original Palace, which was home to all the Kings and Queens of England, until Henry VIII decided that he did not like it, and moved to Whitehall.  By far the most interesting fact for me, had to be that there is a chair in the Robing Chamber where the reigning monarch gets changed during their annual visit to Parliament and the last person to sit on this chair was Queen Victoria in the late 1800s.

We were fortunate enough to have a visit from Anne Milton our local MP who is the Deputy Whip for the Conservative Party (the current Government) which means that she can sit in the same front row as the Prime Minister during Parliamentary sessions . She had just dashed from a meeting at number 10 - she seemed very relaxed considering! Anne was very interested in discussing with us our mini campaigns we were doing on the ipads that the education centre provided. Our campaign was to reduce the amount of homework children have! The Education Centre had a fancy 3D printer making a miniature Big Ben. Many boys were awestruck and distracted by this gadget! Unfortunately after a very busy action packed morning we had to leave straight after our lunch and head back to school. All in all a great trip, and thank you to Mrs Heath-Taylor for organising it.


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